Ruth [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Ruth:

There was something about Mary that reminded one of Ruth Denton, she decided.

"What a pity Ruth Denton couldn't have had such a chance," mused Elfreda.

He is a wondrous large and strong man, with no ruth for man, woman, or beast.

T was the fust chapter in Ruth, where it begins, 'In the days when the judges ruled.'

She was gone now; and Ruth and he were left to walk away, and wonder.

Anything might have happened that did not happen, and never will, for the love of Ruth.

Ruth laughed, and all that, but she made no objection; so it was an engagement.

John being quite sure, gave his arm to Ruth, and led her out.

Ruth observed that she would have been full of remorse, no doubt.

He turned away, and said to Ruth, that it was time for them to go.