Pity [noun]

Definition of Pity:

feeling of mercy toward another

Synonyms of Pity:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pity:

Sentence/Example of Pity:

It's a pity you ain't got some one to shut down on you that way.

"It is a pity some of his friends were not here," said the captain of the ship that had rescued him.

It has been said that unsettled questions have no pity for the repose of nations.

This we too well know you can, and have done—more is the shame and the pity!

It were a pity, if all this outcry should draw no customers.

And since I must not pity you, I will pity myself: for nobody else will.

Her pity for Priscilla went through and through her in wave after wave.

Her pity for Beatrice gave her a secret pleasure and satisfaction.

Her pity was sad and beautiful and at the same time it appeased her pain.

"What a pity Ruth Denton couldn't have had such a chance," mused Elfreda.