Unkindness [noun]

Definition of Unkindness:

the quality of being mean

Opposite/Antonyms of Unkindness:

Sentence/Example of Unkindness:

How often is distress, similar to this, aggravated by unkindness!

To complain of a brother's unkindness, that, indeed, I might do.

Had their unkindness then really driven her to seek for peace in solitude?

You might think I bad-met with unkindness; but it was not so; it was the other way more than I deserved.

But the windows remained closed, and she was wounded by this as by an unkindness to herself.

Or is it unkindness to let him see that I mislike his capers?

Palla did not evade the question: “From the unkindness of life,” she said.

I do not fancy you will have much of unkindness to combat, except from the enemy.

Unkindness, ingratitude, and every wickedness, are in the scene before you.

"Do not let us speak about unkindness, or anything else," says the young man, impatiently.