Churlishness [noun]

Definition of Churlishness:

harshness; bad temper

Synonyms of Churlishness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Churlishness:

Sentence/Example of Churlishness:

"And yet it was a handsome cavalcade," continued the proprietor, his predilection for pomp overcoming his churlishness.

Young B——k told him, in no kind humour, that his churlishness in retaining the dog had lost them a fine hare.

If some churlish person does not own the ascendency, you know that the churlishness goes deep into the character.

Several of the dancers—had the will to do it been enough—were minded to stop and rebuke him for his churlishness.

It would never have even occurred to her to be guilty of the churlishness of turning away to go homeward.

His churlishness, and his contempt for those who spend money freely.

One natural symptom of it was his renewed churlishness as to all local matters.

He pitched his cigarette overboard and turned to her with less of churlishness in his bearing.

Such an incident must needs win pardon for Garrick's churlishness in defending his possessions.

May be I have carried things too far, even to the bounds of churlishness, and beyond the bounds of good manners.