Sharpness [noun]

Definition of Sharpness:


Synonyms of Sharpness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sharpness:


Sentence/Example of Sharpness:

"There is no flattery in that remark," answered Billy, with a touch of sharpness.

"We ask no service of you, sir," said Ruth, her voice a sword of sharpness.

She said, with some sharpness, "I know nothing of Mr Boswell."

It was a sudden change of pace, due mainly to the sharpness of the turn.

His sole virtue is his obscurity, the sharpness of his bones his only protection.

She bestowed upon him a smile which was a startling combination of sharpness and appeal.

And John Gayther was pleased to note a sharpness in her voice.

His protest when thus disturbed is almost metallic in its sharpness.

But he snubbed her with a sharpness very unlike his urbane self.

"Well, don't," she said, her sharpness covering her confusion.