Sting [verb]

Definition of Sting:

prick, pain

Synonyms of Sting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sting:





Sentence/Example of Sting:

But this time there was a sting, of the sharpest, in the words themselves.

It was the insult more than the pain; and from her—there was the sting of it.

He has through His death taken from death his sting, so that I have no cause to fear him more.

She met his gaze with a tenderness so great that the words lost all their sting.

She died of the sting, and was lost to him in the Underworld.

But the others—even the last of them, two years before, had not had that sting.

The point of the jest immediately became a sting, and stung my conscience.

The word seemed to sting me personally even more than the others.

Narcisse must have felt the sting of the prelate's delicate sarcasm.

And the sting of the situation lay in the fact that it had all been so useless and unnecessary.