Pique [noun]

Definition of Pique:

anger, irritation

Synonyms of Pique:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pique:

Sentence/Example of Pique:

He was used to dealing with pique in women, and had found it the most manageable of weaknesses.

Only, you oughtn't to pique a curiosity you don't mean to satisfy.'

Do they pique themselves upon their courage, their gallantry, and their adventure?

When I quit her Majesty's service it will be neither for pique nor for love.

"Surely these gentlemen are scarcely so very anxious about me," said I, in some pique.

And now she's older and has got over her pique, she sees what she has lost.

It is hard to say if there might not have been some leaven of "pique" in these reasonings.

Even the very fire, in a fit of pique, has degenerated into a dull glow.

His unconcern should have infuriated them, but it served to pique.

She had no desire to pique him further by seeing too much of Kerr.