Pet [adjective]

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She had been a pet all her life, and, like most pets, her eye partook of the human quality.

Between the two he contented himself with the pet name of Saffy.

Poor Mart Colson would not have known what to do with a pet name.

It had been the dear pet plan they had nursed in common with all the parish.

I did not know you had been in a yard before—says you were the pet at Elmore's in London.

Of course they had plenty of other things to eat besides Steve's pet dish.

But, as a children's pet, she—for it proved to be a female—was not a success.

They've always wanted a sister to pet; and Aunt Phoebe is hoping you'll not disappoint her.

Now, Pet, my darling, you had better go along with Mother and get ready for the boat.

Csar's head was as white and tight-curled as the fleece of a pet lamb.