Dearest [adjective]

Definition of Dearest:

beloved, favorite

Synonyms of Dearest:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dearest:

Sentence/Example of Dearest:

I broke right into his story and seized the lapel of his waistcoat as though he were my dearest friend.

Do not make any display of affection for even your dearest friend; kissing in public, or embracing, are in bad taste.

We find Wilkes as a poseur on literature in one of these entertaining letters to “dearest Polly.”

At that time I had no desire to marry George of Blanchelande, but to-day it is my dearest wish that he should ask to marry me.

Further still, all our dearest interests lie beyond the domains of physical science, in the regions of faith.

He may know much about what does not concern him; but he feels his weakness where his dearest interests are concerned.

John possessed a deep, affectionate nature, which made him the dearest of the Savior's three chosen friends.

Dearest,—Your letter touched me deeply, and at the same time made me feel ashamed.

Then, Ethel dearest, when you made up your mind to Cocksmoor, you knew those things could not be done without a sacrifice?

Within the twelvemonth I became her worshiper; and ours was the dearest and perfectest comradeship that ever was.