Cheap [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Cheap:

Cheap as they are, they are a poorer speculation than even corner lots in a lithographic city of Nebraska or Oregon.

In 1205 wheat was worth 12 pence per bushel, which was cheap, as there had been some years of famine previous thereto.

Some cheap food was presented to the printer in the shape of potatoes, with which his windows were smashed.

In the early sixties a cheap edition appeared, and cheap editions were rare things then.

She was dressed in her brightest skirt and fairly shone with the abundance of cheap jewelry she wore.

In a niche in the mud wall was a cheap print of the Madonna, one candle just smouldering out before it.

Accommodation was cheap, manners were easy, and knowledge of the gay city less than rudimentary.

It was November, when knickerbockered and culture-seeking tourists no longer fill the cheap hotels of Paris.

He thrust one hand into his gold-coloured skirt, and produced a glass bottle full of some very cheap perfume from Europe.

Trevithick's engines were very durable, as well as cheap in first cost and in working expense.