Worthy [adjective]

Definition of Worthy:

honorable, respectable

Opposite/Antonyms of Worthy:

Sentence/Example of Worthy:

"I'll prove to you that I am worthy of your trust," she said with shining eyes.

He says that some of the contes printed every day in the Journal are worthy of Maupassant.

Would it not be just worthy of him to have done so and never told one of his family!

With such teaching he must, he imagined, soon become her worthy equal.

She prayed that he might always be as fond of her as he was then, and resolved to be worthy of him if she could.

But I could not bear to see you wedded to Mortimer; he is not worthy—you are too good for him.

Linda's amazement on entering the room had been worthy of note.

What pitched battles, worthy to be chanted in Homeric strains!

Her husband wuz a worthy man, and she almost worshipped him.

A grand conspiracy was now formed, which was worthy of the men in prison.