Disreputable [adjective]

Definition of Disreputable:

dishonorable, lowly

Opposite/Antonyms of Disreputable:

Sentence/Example of Disreputable:

With horror she had heard her brother addressed by a disreputable costermonger in a mangy fur cap, as "Old pal."

Indeed it took nearly a couple of years to weed out the disreputable members of this body.

He would form a circle of disreputable youths, for whose drinks Sogrange was called upon to pay.

Beside Clipperton was a disreputable little Mexican with gold rings in his ears.

Its latter days were dreary, down-at-heel, and disreputable enough.

It's worn and a bit disreputable, but he wouldn't care for that.

True, like your authors, you look sometimes disreputable enough.

He never failed to reduce the pile to a disreputable-looking muss.

Altogether, the entire judicial system of the Connected States of America was inefficient, disreputable, corrupt.

Steve and Bob, with their torn and soiled clothes, did present a most disreputable appearance.