Opprobrious [adjective]

Definition of Opprobrious:

abusive, hateful

Opposite/Antonyms of Opprobrious:

Sentence/Example of Opprobrious:

But who ever heard the opprobrious term 'fortune-hunter' given to a woman?

One might as well cast the opprobrious text in the face of the moon and stars.

"I tell thee I'm not the man for thee," adding an opprobrious name.

"Now that is young in the opprobrious sense of the word," said Sir George.

The most opprobrious epithets were applied to this departure.

He had a hundred opprobrious nicknames, which he accepted meekly.

One and all reviled me in the most opprobrious terms they could devise,—me!

The Germans, during the war, had no opprobrious nicknames for their foes.

I sent a scornful reply to Don Benitos letter, returning, with usurious interest, the opprobrious terms he had lavished upon me.

It is an opprobrious name, given by the enemies of regular physicians.