Scandalous [adjective]

Definition of Scandalous:


Synonyms of Scandalous:

Opposite/Antonyms of Scandalous:

Sentence/Example of Scandalous:

If Galloway thinks to put it all on my back, it's a scandalous shame!

Marriage is the worst and most scandalous remedy in such cases.

It was scandalous, never to think of anything but their stomachs!

So the Universalists have been behavin' scandalous, have they?

"And of the scandalous speeches of professional agitators," said Madame Sella.

"It's scandalous the doings that's here, sir," she whispered.

Had no spirit at all, and the Kanakas walked over him scandalous.

I protest I'm becoming as scandalous as Mrs. Trumpler herself.

Our scandalous proceedings often exposed us to the greatest danger.

That's a scandalous proposal; it's as much as to tell me that I am a liar.