Calumnious [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Calumnious:

Catharine had no need, however, of crediting these calumnious tales in order to be moved to hostile action.

It was the work of twenty years' sedulously applied deception and calumnious machinations.

Moreover, it is absolutely calumnious to say that the congregation explicitly declared that he had forfeited all his authority.

In War again, he has helped to conquer Corsica; fought duels, irregular brawls; horsewhipped calumnious barons.

Sheriff neas Mackay admits with regard to it that "it must be deemed a calumnious work."

For the woman who makes to herself her own rule of conduct must be prepared for calumnious tongues.

The latter charge, but for his revival of it, might have been waived aside as equally calumnious and incredible.

Cavelier de la Sale could not allow himself to remain exposed to these calumnious imputations.

It appears to me to be slanderous and calumnious to compare a Diamond Beetle to the filthy and mischievous animal libelled.

We owe it to her to preserve her honor untarnished, that the calumnious crowd may not pry into the motives of her generous act.