Injurious [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Injurious:

These fish are very tempting and delicate, and are not so injurious as shellfish are apt to be.

The Paraguayans consider excessive smoking of other tobacco as injurious but not of the delicate flavored leaf of Paraguay.

The vow is nothing; yea, worse than nothing; injurious to those who make it, and dishonouring to God, if it be not performed.

Others, again, maintain that it is positively injurious to the general health of the patient.

No one can argue that this useless and, to some extent, injurious condition is a designed result of creation.

Some, looking upon the defects of the period that followed, have thought of that influence as distinctly injurious.

Within the National Church there was a great deal to counterbalance these injurious tendencies and check their growth.

It should be steady, and it should not give out great heat nor injurious products of combustion.

To pretend that reason can deceive us, is to say that truth can be false, that usefulness can be injurious.

This is injurious to the child, betrays vanity in the parents, and is not very edifying to others.