Ruinous [adjective]

Definition of Ruinous:

disastrous, devastating

Opposite/Antonyms of Ruinous:

Sentence/Example of Ruinous:

This was effected, and the ruinous city was in the hands of the French.

But the aims of states should be good, or else, like the prayer of Theseus, they may be ruinous to themselves.

Truly it is not a ruinous service, Socrates (he answered)—far from it.

Nothing is so ruinous; and just at the moment when you want them, they will not be forthcoming.

This series was published in 1735, and the church was then in a ruinous condition.

He kept them faithful to him by lending them money—at ruinous interest.

He denounced Polly's equestrianism as a most ruinous and extravagant pursuit.

The lies are found out; ruinous penalty is exacted for them.

In her sober senses she would not want to do such a ruinous thing.

Dust and cobwebs lent a disreputable and ruinous effect to them.