Exhausting [adjective]

Definition of Exhausting:


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Sentence/Example of Exhausting:

After months of exhausting isolation, widespread economic pain, and an extraordinary toll on human life and health, several Covid-19 vaccines are here.

Somehow, though, Zendaya still dazzles, working wonders even with the movie’s exhausting, spiraling dialogue.

We would limit social contact and avoid certain environments because they were exhausting or overstimulating, and we often found ourselves apologizing and feeling shame.

It’s exhausting, after all, to hold on through the kind of turbulence of late.

I push back against the strong thing too, because it’s an exhausting way to be.

Suddenly, Hathaway becomes slightly less exhausting and Ejiofor more dazzling.

After their early, exhausting effort to track an animal in the wild, the team decided to try corralling one.

The goal is to limit the amount of volume in the suit, because the more volume there is, the harder astronauts must to work to bend their joints, and that can quickly grow exhausting.

It sounds overwhelming and exhausting, but for me it beats the alternative.

I’m not sure how a second chapter will play out, as several more hours of Cassie making bad decisions seem like they could get a little exhausting.