Draining [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Draining:

But the continual drafts had kept ever in advance of the receipts, draining the exchequer—crippling its faculties.

The question whether we can long support two fields of operation draining on our resources requires grave consideration.

They were anxious to know what might be done towards draining and relieving Holland from its ruinous state.

But this by no means exhausts the benefits derived from it, draining being merely the precursor of further improvement.

Arrangements should be made for keeping the area clear of vermin and for ventilating and draining it.

In 1752 he designed and set up an engine for draining some coal-pits at Clifton in Lancashire.

It contains directions for draining, clearing, and inclosing a farm, and for enriching the soil and reducing it to tillage.

He worked swiftly, gently, to stop the bleeding that had been draining her life away.

Draining swamps or low land which holds water after a rain is another method of extermination.

He finished off by striking the table with his fist, seizing his tankard, and draining it to the bottom.