Depleting [verb]

Definition of Depleting:

consume, exhaust supply

Synonyms of Depleting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Depleting:

Sentence/Example of Depleting:

Food for man and beast may be taken from the soil for thousands of years without depleting it.

Penrod, taken by surprise and unpleasantly alarmed, darted away from the tree he was depleting and ran for the stable.

The cocoanut, therefore, while a good feeder, may not be classed with the most depleting of field crops.

As the lending by each bank is depleting its reserves, the lending which other banks are doing is reinforcing these reserves.

In Athens and other states the depleting agencies were more numerous.

The toll of the war and the lure of the city were depleting farm labor.

He feared the depleting and emasculating effects of our culture and conventions.

When it is proposed to inflate our silver currency it is a time for strengthening our gold reserve instead of depleting it.

Thus we have an endless chain in operation constantly depleting the Treasury's gold and never near a final rest.

There are few if any conceptions in economics which cannot be expressed in it without depleting the ordinary vocabulary.