Harmless [adjective]

Definition of Harmless:

not injurious or dangerous

Synonyms of Harmless:

Opposite/Antonyms of Harmless:

Sentence/Example of Harmless:

J&J’s shot uses a cold virus like a Trojan horse to carry the spike gene into the body, where cells make harmless copies of the protein to prime the immune system in case the real virus comes along.

That’s likely also the case with the Johnson and Johnson vaccine, which employs a harmless type of cold virus, to which a section of coronavirus is added.

Had it been five degrees lower, it would have been dry and relatively harmless.

Jenner’s great advance was to use a related but relatively harmless virus.

Delete old appsIt may seem harmless to leave old apps kicking around on your phone or computer, but there are some downsides.

The Maryland company grows harmless copies of the coronavirus spike protein in the laboratory and mixes in an immune-boosting chemical.

These antibodies are the immune system proteins that bind to viruses and render them harmless.

In particular, these papers show these second-order properties—which can be either neutral or harmless to the organism, or potentially advantageous—at work in proteins.

Bots will always represent a part of your traffic but not all bots are harmless to the site’s security.

On its own, without the rest of the virus, the spike is pretty harmless.