Unobjectionable [adjective]

Definition of Unobjectionable:


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Sentence/Example of Unobjectionable:

Those made of ivory, or the common goose-quill, are unobjectionable.

Coming as it did, this offer was not only unobjectionable, but tempting.

As regards the match itself, it would, I think, be unobjectionable.

I think he is gentlemanly, and unobjectionable in manner—almost pleasing.

If "fells" is a correct translation, it would be unobjectionable.

The employment to be provided is to be "unobjectionable in its character."

Fruit-juices, especially if acid and fresh, are unobjectionable.

The whole proceeding was unobjectionable in every respect, and tika (correct).

And the worst of it is that he is such a good fellow, so unobjectionable in every way.

Her manners are unobjectionable, but not those of a gentlewoman.