Gratuitous [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Gratuitous:

A baronet scientifically skilled in pugilism, enjoyed no pleasure so much as giving gratuitous instructions in his favorite art.

“I dare say that looked very much like a gratuitous impertinence from—the packer,” he observed.

Such are the ideas which the dogma of gratuitous predestination gives of Divinity!

Much difficulty arose, in the distribution of gratuitous supplies of food, from the routine of the public offices.

In consequence, they have imagined many gratuitous suppositions to explain the union of the soul with the body.

The generous cords of Burroughs' haversack and canteen were unloosed and their gratuitous contents speedily disappeared.

So far this was a gratuitous act of the government; but in the following month it assumed a very different character.

The word “is” in the translations, although marked with brackets, is not deemed wholly gratuitous.

The plan proposed the gratuitous grant of the country to the respective tribes, and their removal to it at government expense.

All this was a gratuitous gift to the king from his subjects.