Complimentary [adjective]

Definition of Complimentary:


Opposite/Antonyms of Complimentary:

Sentence/Example of Complimentary:

It was somebody else, whose name he had forgotten, but of whom he went on to speak in not very complimentary terms.

Having had time to consider the Budget proposals in detail Mr. Asquith was less complimentary and more critical.

He was young to be a colonel, but the title was merely nominal and complimentary, and not given for any service to his country.

“You are very complimentary,” said Katie, with a glance at her cousin, which threw that young lady into silent convulsions.

"You aren't very complimentary to us," Frank grumbled, as he hunched himself over the wheel of Mollie's car.

He was credited with having gained an income of twenty thousand francs by discounting authors' and other complimentary tickets.

Some of his comments on Homer Smith were not very complimentary, and this emboldened Eloise to tell him who her real father was.

The first edition prints Richardsons preface and two complimentary letters.

It is a fact, not perhaps complimentary, that paper tablets are surer than the tablets of memory.

"You are very complimentary," said her strange suitor, with a contortion of the lip that was a cross between a grin and a sneer.