Laudatory [adjective]

Definition of Laudatory:


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Sentence/Example of Laudatory:

His laudatory comments were perfect for the film, and we got sidetracked.

The morning after your performance your breakfast-table is covered with newspapers teeming with laudatory criticisms.

Look at this from the author of a very interesting and laudatory critique.

The specification is objected to as containing large portions that are merely laudatory.

Something between an earthly Queen and a divine Egeria; "Serena" he calls her; and, in his high-flown fashion, is very laudatory.

Homer names the Pelasgians only thrice, and each time with a laudatory epithet.

And he loved to transcribe the laudatory notes in which dignitaries acknowledged presentation copies of his three-penny tracts.

His battles and fortunes and a laudatory description of his qualities constitute the main themes of the poem.

As at first printed, they were preceded by an affectionate and laudatory dedication to John Home.

Whether its demonstration be of a laudatory or a condemnatory nature, the steam is sure to be put on to bursting point.