Approving [verb]

Definition of Approving:

agree something is good

Synonyms of Approving:

Opposite/Antonyms of Approving:

Sentence/Example of Approving:

Watch sat down gravely near it, and gave an approving sniff at intervals.

"The art club, this morning," replied Mrs. Ford, her eyes approving the fair prettiness of her daughter.

"You ought to be pleased," put in Aunt Maria, staring at the grave face of the young man with no approving expression.

Texas Smith looked on with an approving grin, and suggested, "Better shute the dam cuss."

Bits of drawing caught his attention, a free, felicitous line here and there evoking an approving grunt.

"Certainly," returned that far-sighted woman, guessing what the family matters might be, and approving them.

"Liberty under the law," I said, with an unexpected approving murmur from Margaret, and took up the defence.

In the lords the address approving the preliminaries was passed without a division.

You don't want the bother and expense of a bye-election (approving murmurs) if it can be avoided.

Cléo listened patiently and Bompard sat evidently approving.