Countenance [noun]

Definition of Countenance:

appearance, usually of the face

Synonyms of Countenance:

Opposite/Antonyms of Countenance:


Sentence/Example of Countenance:

At the mention of the Merrill Horse, Poindexter's countenance took on a demoniac expression.

Which latter circumstance he begged Mr. Perker to note, with a glowing countenance and many marks of indignation.

A smile of beatitude spread over his enormous countenance during the process.

The beauty of a woman cheereth the countenance of her husband, and a man desireth nothing more.

Wharton uttered this with a peculiar force of voice, and aweful expression in his countenance.

That his friend had withdrawn, was a pledge of his pacific wishes; and, with a lightened countenance, Louis rose from his knee.

Louis turned on him a countenance, in which all that Wharton had conjured up in that noble soul, shone bright in the moon-light.

As he read, a look of surprise came over his face, and then his countenance grew stern and grim.

The baron's pallid face looked more bloodless, his accent was fiercer, and his countenance more ruffianly as he uttered all this.

The virtuous statesman advanced to meet him, while his countenance proclaimed that he knew all, and sympathized with its victim.