Cast [noun]

Definition of Cast:

a throw to the side

Synonyms of Cast:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cast:

Sentence/Example of Cast:

They are so rich in harmony, so weird, so wild, that when you hear them you are like a sea-weed cast upon the bosom of the ocean.

The motherly woman received the babe instinctively and cast aside the travelling-rug in which he was enveloped.

Now, the whole Northwest groaned beneath a cast-iron prohibition law at that time, and for some years thereafter.

Mrs. Newbolt was looking away toward the hills, a dreamy cast in her placid face.

He was cast down to think that he might have spared himself the trouble of donning his beautiful yellow doublet from Paris.

Happening to cast his eyes that way, he saw a light where he had never seen one before—in the little unused chapel.

Aristide glowingly accepted the invitation and cast a look of triumph around the café.

Cast the beam from thine eye before noticing the mote in that of thy neighbour.

But when the Pharisees heard it, they said, This man doth not cast out devils but by Beelzebub, the prince of devils.

Much glamour has been cast upon the names of Solomon and David by their alleged writings.