Projection [noun]

Definition of Projection:

bulge, overhang

Synonyms of Projection:

Opposite/Antonyms of Projection:

Sentence/Example of Projection:

"A projection tube of some sort," said the doctor, pointing.

The "point" was merely a projection of the bluff about twenty feet away.

Could you not prevail to know the genesis of projection, as well as the continuation of it?'

It is a remoter and inferior incarnation of God, a projection of God in the unconscious.

But the projection of the head prevented his seeing anything beyond.

There was no handle or projection on which they could take hold.

Why should that be a projection of a morbid and devout imagination?

His fingers touched a projection in a corner, and he heard a clicking sound.

In some annoyance I glanced hastily at the projection—and then looked again.

I can equal it, since both generation and projection are implicit in the formula.