Shelf [noun]

Definition of Shelf:

jutting, flat area or piece

Synonyms of Shelf:

Opposite/Antonyms of Shelf:


Sentence/Example of Shelf:

I did not want to take it, so I put it on the shelf for Our Lady.

Three books from the end she noticed a difference in the wall behind the shelf.

She took down the parcel from the shelf and undid the string.

There was a shelf of books and another of blue and white cups and saucers and dishes.

I gave one more glance at the volume, and replaced it on the shelf.

I held the sheet vertically on the shelf, perhaps four inches from the plate.

I'm simply a poor old man, worn out and only fit to be laid on the shelf.

But it was too low; she felt the point, after a time, entering the shelf.

At home and in the colonies, they are on every shelf between Shakespeare and the Bible.

He might even have wondered how the logs of that dugout had been hauled to the shelf on which it stood.