Console [verb]

Definition of Console:

relieve, comfort

Synonyms of Console:

Opposite/Antonyms of Console:

Sentence/Example of Console:

According to Pachter, Nintendo usually stockpiles consoles during the first half of the year to get ready for a surge late in the year.

Nintendo Switch video game consoles have been difficult to find during the coronavirus pandemic.

We know variety is crucial when it comes to learning experiences, and it is unhealthy whenever any kid is glued to their computer screen or console and not spending enough time exercising outside.

Microsoft also has LinkedIn’s advertising business, and the company sells ads that run on its Xbox gaming consoles.

The quickest and easiest place to start is Google’s own search console, which offers tools and reports to improve your website’s search presence.

Both Sony and Microsoft are releasing their newest generation of consoles this year.

It has come to this—that I open my newspaper every morning with a sinking heart, and usually I find little to console me.

"Perhaps I can write to you," Hugh tried to console her, feeling horribly guilty and helpless.

Ledit Sieur le console, & le fait enlever de la pour le mener avec lui.

Our illustration (Fig. 8) gives a good idea of the appearance of a modern Hope-Jones console.