Gladden [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Gladden:

That kind of moralizing would gladden the hearts of 19th-century prohibitionists, but it has no place in modern, evidence-based dietary guidelines.

Long before that, however, the sun had come back to gladden the Polar regions, and break up the reign of ancient night.

If they are depressed, they smoke or chew tobacco, and gladden themselves therewith.

In his heart he longed for a bed that night, and a cup of hot coffee to gladden his gizzard.

Its bluish purple flowers gladden the bare brown hillsides with great profusion of bloom, in earnest of returning life.

A noble simplicity and wholesomeness will characterize the life of man, and universal peace will gladden his heart.

So the joy that the singer gave out went to gladden the world, and that which she gave, paradoxically enough, remained with her.

Az the white rose wakens intu buty, so dus the white Pig cum tu gladden us.

He would gladden the heart of Frederick of Prussia, for he stands six and three if an inch.

"Doubtless several gong-strokes will intervene before his returning footsteps gladden our expectant vision," replied Wei Chang.