Depress [verb]

Definition of Depress:

deject, make despondent; exhaust

Synonyms of Depress:

Opposite/Antonyms of Depress:

Sentence/Example of Depress:

Incomplete and inaccurate data can not only depress campaign effectiveness but can also have detrimental impacts on an advertiser’s standing versus competitors.

As its core ride-hailing business remains depressed by the pandemic, Uber is making yet another big bet that food delivery will stay as a big part of its business.

Another problem for the proposed re-implementation of the expanded playoff, which went from 10 to 16 teams last year, is that some players fear it could depress free agency spending.

Some beauty brand sales have been depressed by the pandemic, and particularly lipsticks, since it makes no sense to use lip color when your face is under a mask.

The valuation of Airbnb soared to new heights in its debut in public markets, even while the pandemic kept revenues depressed.

All of a sudden, instead of being in lockdown, I was depressed in lockdown.

A 60-year-old man who is recently divorced might have many good reasons for being depressed.

An effective therapeutic may depress the perceived need to be vaccinated, since individuals in good health are often willing to risk getting ill and receive treatment rather than get a vaccine.

I’ve been depressed for four years through this administration.

Even with housing prices depressed for the moment by the pandemic, the problem hasn’t gone away.