Sadden [verb]

Definition of Sadden:

upset, depress

Synonyms of Sadden:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sadden:

Sentence/Example of Sadden:

It seemed to him monstrous that one should sadden one's life by such an excursion as this.

He must sadden the heart of this creature of joy that he might keep her body safe from peril.

But in other moods, the phenomena of nature seemed to tranquillise and sadden him.

Why sadden the poor children, and damp their newly cherished hopes?

Do not sadden yourself because you cannot close behind you the gate of your senses.

In spite of difficulties, their life has never been stern enough to sadden them.

But, at any rate, there is always Leonora to cheer you up; I don't want to sadden you.

No, my mother, no; the only use of all these exaggerated precautions is to sadden life.

I said that the effect of his writing is to trouble and sadden us.

The barometer has fallen lower, all of a sadden, than I ever saw it fall before.