Dash [noun]

Definition of Dash:

fast race for short distance

Synonyms of Dash:












Opposite/Antonyms of Dash:

Sentence/Example of Dash:

A riff on a classic tiki cocktail inspired by Vilkhu’s childhood, it combines rum, Campari, fresh lime, falernum, passionfruit liqueur, and homemade roasted mango syrup with a dash of the solution.

With only days remaining in this year’s abbreviated session, senators were allowed Friday to vote on the last-minute dash of legislation remotely.

So the automation of these processes is where the mad dash is regarding the development of technology.

It hovers over you, dashes briefly into the car, then returns to your face.

Noses raised to catch the wind, the dogs dash across the tall-grass prairie.

Tom leaped on one side; the buffalo-bull turned short round and made another dash at him.

For a second Marius considered whether he might not attempt to elude Garnache by a wild and sudden dash towards his men.

They show to the full the secret of the Marshal's success as a soldier, the blending of ardour with method and dash with caution.

A man throws up his arms and tumbles headlong, but those that live dash on.

But suddenly Jessie drove her paddle deep into the water and sent the canoe in a dash to the landing.