Lump [noun]

Definition of Lump:

clump, mass

Synonyms of Lump:

Opposite/Antonyms of Lump:

Sentence/Example of Lump:

You can lump unemployment policies into two broad categories—the US-style efforts that provide payments to people who have lost their jobs, and policies popular in Europe that provide money to companies to keep workers on the payroll.

Unlike spoons, spurtles allegedly don’t drag and prevent lumps.

That arrangement might look something like paying a lump sum, Shevchuck suggests, but Moran argues “in my experience, arrangements to collect money from employees who have departed are inherently problematic.”

Upon closer inspection of a big lump of bones in the creature’s belly, Motani’s team discovered that the last thing the ichthyosaur ate was the body of a thalattosaur, sans head and tail.

A pair of changes being rolled out to Apple’s operating systems has publishers lumping the device maker into that group as well.

If you lump the Europe and the US into the same campaign, and lower bids during the night in the US, you’re effectively also lowering bids during the workday in Europe.

A small group of families lump their kids together in a group.

Besides a few crumbs, it contained a small lump of narwhal blubber and a little packet.

Now Isaias had ordered that they should take a lump of figs, and lay it as a plaster upon the wound, and that he should be healed.

He gulped back the lump in his throat; his trembling nerves became as steel.