Bunch [noun]

Definition of Bunch:

collection of something

Synonyms of Bunch:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bunch:

Sentence/Example of Bunch:

Taught a whole bunch of climbing courses out of Joshua Tree.

Below are some top picks for people who are breaking out the colorful pens for a bunch of uses.

Being a prideful bunch, everyone wears a jersey that matches the color mentioned in the name of their city.

There were a bunch of people in the church, and they were singing.

The Imperial College model you heard about a bunch back in the spring is a good example of a mechanistic model.

The promise of RSAs is that when you feed the system a bunch of unique headlines and descriptions, it can test and learn to predict the right combination for each search.

The Bengals are just looking for signs of improvement after an active offseason that saw them draft Joe Burrow first overall and spend a bunch of money in free agency.

Editing settings and credentialsAs you would expect, your password manager will come with a bunch of settings to explore.

These are a bunch of very popular business-oriented channels that are worth seeking inspiration from.

In a Facebook post today, company CEO Mark Zuckerberg outlined a whole bunch of new steps the company will be taking to "protect our democracy" this year.