Host [noun]

Definition of Host:

person who entertains, performs

Synonyms of Host:

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Sentence/Example of Host:

Jon Taffer is a bar owner, consultant, and host of the television program Bar Rescue.

The underlying reasons that make overruns inevitable, Flyvjberg said, include the lack of ability of a host to reverse its decision, or any chance to save on cost by delaying the project.

Source Andrew Mangum for OZYMany international players stay with host families for the duration of the season.

When the pandemic forced remote work, content became what influencers, celebrities and show hosts could create from the comfort of their homes and often from their iPhones.

The next Book Club episode we’re planning will have me as host again.

Security researchers from a host of companies widely agree that Fancy Bear works on behalf of the GRU, Russia's military intelligence agency.

The bacteria are classified as obligate endosymbionts, meaning they need the ants as hosts as much as the ants need them.

Then a letter posted on the website for talk radio host Mark Larson raised the stakes again.

And with that the host gave him such a kick as sent him howling into the street, amidst the roars of the company.

My self-appointed host, whose name was Goodell, waved me to a chair, and took one opposite.