Proprietor [noun]

Definition of Proprietor:

person who owns something

Synonyms of Proprietor:

Opposite/Antonyms of Proprietor:

Sentence/Example of Proprietor:

Stepping into the store, he attracted the attention of the proprietor.

The State authority was to be the purchaser, and the occupier was to be the proprietor.

The lawyer's brows were knit as he faced the proprietor of the store.

This proprietor was a man of great opulence, and a relative of Naomi.

Would it be possible for me to speak to the proprietor a moment?

Say, Plornish, though six weeks in arrear to my proprietor, declines.

Nothing to do with my proprietor; not stateable at present, ridiculous to state at present; but good.

Say, name first mentioned to my proprietor by Plornish in the Yard.

Why should you leave all the gains that are to be got to my proprietor and the like of him?

I was afraid lest any of them should be stolen, and I spoke of my fear to the proprietor of the hotel.