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If the 60-day period ended on or after April 1 of last year, account holders had until the July 15 tax deadline to replace the money without incurring taxes or the 10 percent penalty.

On Thursday, several members of the immigrant advocacy group CASA demonstrated outside of the State House to urge the House of Delegates to include tax-paying undocumented immigrants and green-card holders in the bill.

So you may want to follow Instagram accounts with items similar to yours and message the account holder.

Use a single-edge blade, secured in a holder if you have one.

He turned out to be no mere place holder, relegated to just “do no harm.”

One of the nation’s largest holders of private education debt, National Collegiate Student Loan Trusts, has been active in the courts since the summer.

As one buyer who spoke on condition of anonymity noted, the impact of shifting of schedules in sports for every advertiser was so significant that sports rights holders owe advertisers something back.

In a text to ticket holders, Sanker’s company told attendees not to reveal the location of the party, nor could they take any photos or videos of the event.

Active Bitcoin accounts are nearing their all-time high levels of late 2017, according to researcher Flipside Crypto — possibly a sign that some holders are planning to sell.

If the auction ended right now, carriers would pay the government $70 billion plus another $13 billion to compensate the current license holders.