Heir [noun]

Definition of Heir:

person who inherits possessions

Synonyms of Heir:

Opposite/Antonyms of Heir:

Sentence/Example of Heir:

Andy Jassy is the likely heir apparent to Jeff BezosBezos, who turned 57 last month, set up the transition to Jassy last summer, when the company announced that one of his possible successors, Jeff Wilke, would soon retire.

The most logical heir, Jeff Wilke, beat Bezos to the door, announcing his retirement last year.

Bubbles also change rapidly— heir walls approach the speed of light as they fly outward—and feature quantum mechanical randomness and waviness.

Junior guard Eric Ayala entered the season as the heir apparent to Cowan because he already had experience at that spot from when Coach Mark Turgeon wanted Cowan to play off the ball.

Prince Charles, heir apparent to the British crown, has asked the world’s CEOs to guarantee the rights of nature in capitalism.

During a hearing on the bill in May, an Encinitas dentist who lost three members of his family to a cliff collapse on top of heir picnic in 2019 gave emotional testimony in favor of Bates’ bill.

For example, Honduras-born Valladeres describes himself as heir to “ancient Mayan traditions and culture.”

The gallery has shown art by all the noted Washington colorists, and Crotty is something of an heir to them — even though he’s a Nebraska native who still lives there.

The heir apparent and his brothers were cowering in fear, afraid to strike, yet hoping that others would strike for them.

He is a hypochondriac now and would keep a close watch on his heir's health and habits; you may be sure of that.