Beneficiary [noun]

Definition of Beneficiary:

person who gains, benefits

Synonyms of Beneficiary:

Opposite/Antonyms of Beneficiary:


Sentence/Example of Beneficiary:

Likewise, the beneficiary of IBM’s opening, Microsoft, won an appeal overturning an order to break up the company, but still backed down enough to allow the open Internet to flourish and new players to emerge, like Google.

As this week’s IAB data suggested, Google and Facebook are likely to be the direct beneficiaries of this increased digital ad spending.

The industry’s primary beneficiaries are itself and its many ancillary participants, including the media.

According to the report, paid search and social media are the biggest beneficiaries of the game of budgetary musical chairs.

Zoom has been one of the clearest beneficiaries of the coronavirus pandemic, with businesses and educational institutions turning to the service to work and teach remotely.

Tesla, a favorite among amateur investors on online trading firm Robinhood Financial, has been one of the largest beneficiaries of the boom in retail investing during pandemic lockdowns.

And if the contract is with a person other than the insured as beneficiary, it would be void on the ground of mistake.

In some states the reinsuring company becomes liable to an action by the beneficiary named in the original policy.

Man, in his turn, will be a beneficiary of this new womanliness as he has been the ready victim of the old-womanishness.

For the others, they had understood well enough which of their number was the chief beneficiary.