Donee [noun]

Definition of Donee:

person who gains, benefits

Synonyms of Donee:

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Sentence/Example of Donee:

And even involuntary kindness, grudging kindness, doesn't bestow upon the donor the right to direct the affairs of the donee.

In other cases the lay donee is to hold the land by church right or by minster right.

The gratitude of the donee is a rich recompense to the donor—purity of motive refines the joys of each.

As a hard and fast donee, he is not a success; as a beggar, he is disgusting even to himself.

The second is the ingratitude of the donee—and the Abbe Gabriel may be certain of our deep and lasting gratitude.

For this they allowed him, with the consent of the Donee, the church perquisites, then worth about 12 per annum.

The title to the property passes to the purchaser or donee at once or at some future stipulated time.

In making presents, as after returning from war, the donor can mention the name of the donee.

The grant is without consideration: the donee is merely described, to prevent the donation from going to a wrong person.

In order for a gift to be effective there must be a giver or donor, and a receiver or donee.