Seller [noun]

Definition of Seller:

person who gives object in exchange for money

Synonyms of Seller:

Opposite/Antonyms of Seller:

Sentence/Example of Seller:

The purchase of that which neither belongs to the seller, nor can belong to the buyer.

This gave him the appearance, either of an artist of sorts or of a seller of chestnuts!

The seller of the arts may be called an art-seller; the seller of virtue, a Sophist.

The buyer gains much by being open and above board with the seller.

I thought the seller's conscience a trifle lax when he asked £13, 13s.

Sometimes the purchaser wins in the gamble, sometimes the seller.

I left you the seller, leave me the buyer; I left you the cane, leave me the sword.

Of course, such a transaction is a fraud on the part of the seller.

Clearly, he ought to require the seller to give him a warranty.

And rightfully, too, for the reason that the seller had deceived him, which he had no right to do.