Buyer [noun]

Definition of Buyer:

someone who purchases

Synonyms of Buyer:

Opposite/Antonyms of Buyer:

Sentence/Example of Buyer:

The English have too much pride to be tricky or shabby, even in the essentially corrupting relation of buyer and seller.

The seller may have tried to fool her but did not, and having failed, the buyer has no legal ground for an action.

Many growers not only pack their own crop, but buy up that of others, thus acting as both producer and buyer.

A covenant to protect the buyer from encumbrances, claims, etc., does not always relieve him from the expense of a lawsuit.

In the case of personal property a sale may be avoided during his minority by an infant seller or buyer.

In such sales the goods are delivered to the buyer, but the title is retained by the seller until payment.

If the parties intend to effect a present sale, the buyer becomes an owner in common with the owner of the remaining shares.

When the price is not determined in the way mentioned in the Sales Act, the buyer must pay a reasonable price.

And if there is a delay in delivering, unless it may be a trifling one, the buyer may refuse to accept the goods.

A common condition in more recent times qualifying the obligation of the buyer is that the goods shall be satisfactory to him.