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Hunter Biden’s attorney has said that his client did not receive any compensation, either in the form of a return on investment or due to his position on the board.

The rest — that would call for a more pan-regional publisher — are less common but require large global clients to pull them off and, naturally, fetch a higher price tag.

Iconiq Capital, a multifamily office whose clients include Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, LinkedIn’s Reid Hoffman and Twitter’s Jack Dorsey, took part in multiple Snowflake funding rounds beginning in 2017.

Since then, the company has had great success attracting clients like Capital One, Office Depot, and DoorDash.

The firm took a hit at “the worst possible moment” because its portfolios were positioned at the start of the year to benefit from rising markets, Dalio told clients in mid-March.

At virtual town hall meetings and in client letters, Dalio and his co-chief investment officers have tried to put an optimistic face on the situation.

Eventually, it will package this data up for clients to use how they choose.

Now it’s officially part of my remit, but I’ve had to split it with my other priorities — and I’m still managing a client.

He argued Nvidia is spending a lot of money for the acquisition and has no incentive to do anything that would cause clients to walk away.

Shelle Jackson can only have a couple people waiting at a time in her barber shop, dramatically cutting down on the number of clients she can serve in a day.