Ward [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Ward:

"Miss Ward's case has not yet been settled," she said slowly.

But are you quite certain that you are acting wisely, Miss Ward?

Small as the incident was, it marked a change in Sidney's position in the ward.

She was back in the hospital again, this time in the children's ward.

The ward sat up, remembered that it was not the Sabbath, smiled across from bed to bed.

The lame girl who played the violin limped down the corridor into the ward.

The Christmas excitement had not died out in the ward when Carlotta went back to it.

"I'm twenty-one and she's eighteen," hummed the ward under its breath.

Johnny Rosenfeld still lay in his ward, inert from the waist down.

Under its sporadic breezes, as it turned, the ward was trying to sleep.