Territory [noun]

Definition of Territory:

domain, region

Synonyms of Territory:

Opposite/Antonyms of Territory:


Sentence/Example of Territory:

Within their own territory each one could act independently.

A territory bounded by the Mississippi has been extended from sea to sea.

We have sought no territory and we have imposed our will on none.

The Empress-Regent has quitted French territory, and since then has given no sign.

Every advance step they made was upon the enemy's territory.

If ever an understanding should be arrived at, it must be based on the gift of a strip of territory.

"And there are none such in this territory," Grim replied quietly.

But take, for the moment, the mere obvious matter of expanse of territory.

Often they broke into the Roman territory, and carried off prisoners with them.

Again, as to the devastation of Hellenic territory or the burning of houses, what is to be the practice?