Quarter [noun]

Definition of Quarter:

one of four equal parts

Synonyms of Quarter:

Opposite/Antonyms of Quarter:

Sentence/Example of Quarter:

There's one about a quarter of a mile down the stream—Stetson's boat.

Have they told you that dinner is not till a quarter past eight?

Harriett couldn't lay her hands on the money or on half of it or a quarter.

He has lived so long in the Quarter he looks at life from the Parisian angle.

The rain's over, I declare—at least for a quarter of an hour!

It was about a quarter of a mile to our house; we walked the distance in unbroken silence.

I have no chance in that quarter, especially when the old man's around.

A quarter of a mile from the finish the horses raced into a swinging stride.

Lauzanne's gallop was only a mile and a quarter; he might not be able to stay the additional quarter.

It takes a good horse to make all his own running for a mile and a quarter and then in.