Portion [noun]

Definition of Portion:

share, cut, ration

Synonyms of Portion:

Opposite/Antonyms of Portion:

Sentence/Example of Portion:

It is only right that I should employ a portion in His service.

The hymn, the portion of Scripture, and the prayer of Brother Buster.

It would be a solecism in language to say that any portion of these is not included in the whole.

The scenery in this portion of the river is highly exciting.

It has been our good luck to recover a portion of that history.

A steady hand and a true eye, boys; so let two quarts be a bowman's portion.

But Howkawanda gave the greater part of his portion to his maiden.

The cut shows the filter provided with a portion of its bags and frames.

After pressing it upon him, he at length took a portion of it.

As he made his way forward, he reaped a portion of the Devil's promised fame.